Kiawah Island Map and Villa Locations

Use the maps below as referance for finding places, villas, and landmarks around Kiawah Island. Click here to launch Kiawah Island in Google Maps.

Kiawah Island

East Beach

A: "Sea Shell" at Oceanwoods - 3-Bedroom, 2-Bath Beachside, Wooded-Views

B: "The Mariner Villa" at Mariner's Watch - 1-Bedroom, 1-Bath Beachside, Wooded-Views

C: "The Beach Cottage" at Mariner's Watch - 1-Bedroom, 1-Bath Beachside, Lagoon-Views

D: "The Escape" at Windswept - 1+ Bedroom, 2-Bath Oceanviews

E: "The Mariah" at Windswept - 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Oceanviews

F: "The Penthouse" at Windswept - 3-Bedroom, 3-Bath Direct Oceanviews

G: "The Sunny Day" at Turtle Cove - 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Lagoon Views

Community Pool

West Beach

A: The Shell Seeker at Sparrow Pond - 3-Bedroom, 3-Bath, Community Pool

B: The Treetops at Shipwatch - 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Partial Oceanviews

C: The Sandpiper at Shipwatch - 2-Bedroom, 2-Bath Oceanviews

D: The Vista at Shipwatch - 1-Bedroom, 1-Bath Sweeping Oceanviews

E: The Breeze at Seascape - 4-Bedroom, 3-Bath, Oceanfront, Oceanviews

F: The Shade at Seascape - 1-Bedroom, 1-Bath Beachside, Wooded-Views

Community Pool